Interview with NYC Fashion Blogger Garance Dore

Garance Doré.

Garance Doré.

Fashion and science are merging more and more these days, and the Museum of Science and Industry is recognizing that with this week’s Fashion Forward event (purchase tickets here), celebrating technological advances in the fashion world. The event will showcase innovative designs, including the Galaxy Dress, the world’s largest wearable LED display, and present the first-ever Fashion Inspiration Award to Garance Doré.

The French blogger (now NYC-based), illustrator, photographer, and author made waves years ago as one of the first street-style bloggers and partnerships with major brands like Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton. We caught up with Doré as she prepped for her very first Chicago visit to receive this award.

You’re being honored at the Museum of Science and Industry with the first Fashion Inspiration Award. What does that mean to you?
GARANCE DORÉ: It’s very humbling; very meaningful. I’ve created something and I know that a lot of people respond to it, and I know I was so very lucky to be at the forefront of a revolution of fashion and technology, so to me, personally, it’s probably one of the most meaningful awards that I’ll receive. It’s also very meaningful because I’m living the American dream. I moved from France and came here, and America opened its arms to me, so anything that I get recognized [for], I’m incredibly thankful. I’m living a real love story with America and it means so much.

Why do you think you were chosen for this honor?
GD: You can never really talk for others, [and] there are probably a lot of different factors, but the way I understand it, [the award is] about a new way to communicate [and] it’s about not being scared of exploring new fields. When I started, people in fashion didn’t believe in the Internet. I had an interesting naiveté because I was just trying to do something that was meaningful to me, but at the same time that [Internet] wave came and everything changed. I think I probably embody that change in some way, [and] I think when people talk about blogs [and] about the new way to communicate about fashion, my name comes up often.

I was one of the first ones on the Internet to really think that it would be possible to talk about luxury, for example. When I started blogging in 2006, the Internet was not a place where you would talk about luxury. It was eBay, [and] it was [about] getting cheaper stuff. [But] I had a taste for beautiful things. I didn’t have any money, [or] the means to talk about Burberry or Chanel, but I [wasn’t] talking about buying fashion. I was talking about dreaming about fashion [and] talking about inspiration. After a few months, fashion brands recognized what I was doing and that’s when they started calling me. That was a small but very important revolution. I’m very proud of that, and it’s probably one of the things I’m recognized [for] today.

The Fashion Forward event is centered on the combination of fashion and technology. What draws you to that combination?
GD: It’s a personal set of tastes. I always tell people I think we’re in a time where, instead of thinking, “In which box should I put myself?” we should think, “What are my talents? What do I love?” and combine all these things and see there is something there and try [it]. I’ve always been pretty techy: I had a computer, I was making my own website for my illustrations, and I love HTML. So there is that, and then my love for fashion, and my love for expressing myself and communicating. I think they came together—that marriage of fashion and technology—very naturally [for me] and I didn’t try to separate them. At that time [when starting the blog] I didn’t even know I was about to create a job for myself. Most people would say, “Do you love fashion or do you love computers?” I didn’t try to separate that, the same way I didn’t try to think, “If I want to work in fashion, I should go work at a magazine.” I was like, “No, this is wonderful. I can talk about fashion a different way.”

Garance Doré.

Garance Doré.

During the event, the Galaxy Dress will be one of the pieces of wearable technology on display. Have you seen it?
GD: Yes, I’ve seen that dress. It’s beautiful; it’s very exciting!

What do you think of the idea of wearable technology?
GD: I think it’s definitely our future—we’re not going backwards. You could probably say we’re already wearing our phones. There is not a day where you can see me going around the city without my phone in my hand; it’s becoming an extension of myself, whether we like it or not. I think it’s going to become very natural [that] our technology is going to be included in our clothes. I think what’s interesting [about the Galaxy] Dress, is it shows even more how integrated technology will be. It’s not just going to be an item like the [Apple] watch. It’s going to be sensors in your t-shirts when you go run, so you can test what’s in your sweat.

This [past Paris] fashion week, Apple was very present for the first time. They organized a dinner with Azzedine Alaia, [and] they showed the watch at Colette. For the first time you can see a tech brand like Apple [show] an interest in fashion people. Technology is penetrating every part of our lives, and I think fashion is one of the very important parts. Even if you don’t like fashion, you will get dressed in the morning, so I think [wearable technology is] a very smart move. Nobody knows how it’s going manifest in a few years, that but it’s definitely where it’s going.

How far do you think we are from seeing wearable technology in stores? 
GD: Well, you already see it, [with] your watches and shoes. Diane von Furstenberg did a fashion show where all the models were wearing Google Glass. Of course its just the beginning, and clumsy, and it’s not looking the way we would want it to look. But soon…every fashion brand will want to offer [it] because people are going to flock to it, and be very interested in how your clothes communicate with your body and with the technology that you have at your wrist or in your had. It’s going to be a new gold rush.

This event will be your first trip to Chicago. What are your impressions of the city?
GD: I think Chicago, for a French person, really represents…the American dream. Maybe because you see it so many times in movies, [but] it represents something very strong. Of course, I want to try deep-dish pizza and things like [that], but I’m going to be very busy and to me exploring a city always starts with meeting the people. So that’s going to be my main focus. Also, as a French person, one of the things I will do in a city is go to a café and look at people walking around and get a feel for it.

Do you have any tips for dressing for the upcoming Chicago winter while still maintaining a sense of style?
GD: Yeah, we have pretty brutal winters in New York as well. It’s pretty crazy, and we’re all scared. We usually all end up wearing our parkas for three months. Having layers is very important, and I have a real passion for outerwear. I always try to think of the positive: For me, getting beautiful, very warm scarves and coats and protecting yourself in a very chic way can be a fun. I wear things that are pretty simple, like jeans [and] sweaters, but beautiful outerwear that [I] won’t feel depressed after five weeks of cold. I try to buy a new coat every year, and take care of them and make them really part of my style, because I like to be outside. So it also depends on your lifestyle. If you’re only going to spend time outside for the time you go to work, you dress differently. But for me, it’s a lot about meeting people and being outside, and I walk everywhere. That’s really part of my lifestyle so [when it comes to] my outerwear style, I want to look good when I’m outside in the winter.

Have you gone shopping yet for your new coat this year?
GD: Yes! I’m going to talk about it on my blog very soon. I actually bought three coats that I really love. I bought one at J.Crew that’s amazing; I got one from a young designer that’s very big and very warm; and then I got one from Cos. They’re opening in America now and it’s a great brand.


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Zanita Whittington model turned power fashion blogger

ZANITA Whittington never seemed destined for a career in fashion.

As a kid on a farm in Esperance, Western Australia, working as a model, fashion photographer or industry commentator hadn’t entered her dreams.

“When I was 15 I was about 178cm,” Foxtel’s Fashion Bloggers star Whittington says.

“If you are tall as a kid, it’s intense. Athletics was tough because I was very uncoordinated. When I was a teenager, I was in the naval cadets and thought I’d end up joining the navy. But I ended up deciding I didn’t want to be a woman in such a male-dominated culture.

“I left home 11 years ago and went to uni in Perth to study commerce.”

Fashion blogger Zanita gets snappy

Photographic strength … Fashion Bloggers’ star Zanita Whittington is from Esperance, WA. Picture: Foxtel Source:Supplied

That didn’t inspire Whittington either, and she turned her focus to modelling.

She had success as a model, but her build wasn’t considered ideal for the catwalk.

“I felt I was a good (catwalk) walker, but I didn’t fit into the samples that much,” she explains.

Whittington discovered her true calling was on the other side of the camera and has used her fashion blog to expose her striking imagery to a large audience.

Her ability to capture people, garments, and exotic locations has resulted in Whittington travelling the world for fashion events.

“I think my strength as a photographer is that I’ve worked as a model and know how to get the best or most flattering angles. It’s also about making people feel comfortable on the other side of the camera,” she says.

Travelling the world ... Zanita Whittington. Picture: Zanita Whittington / Facebook

Travelling the world … Zanita Whittington. Picture: Zanita Whittington / Facebook Source: Facebook

Fashion Bloggers follows the lives of five Aussie fashion bloggers as they strive to build their profiles and not just report on trends, but shape them.

Social media, however, has its pitfalls and Whittington discovered this first-hand following a party she attended in the US.

The location for the party — a mansion in Los Angeles — featured a mantle display of celebrity photographs. Whittington, whose imagination was captured by the photographs, snapped the display and posted it on Instagram.

She landed in hot water because one of the images on display featured a naked Pamela Anderson getting out of the mansion owner’s pool.

She endured a ban from Instagram’s “Popular” page for posting the pic.

“It (Instagram action) was for putting nudity up,” Whittington says.


Harper & Harley interview: Fashion Bloggers star Sara Donaldson

Sara Donaldson from Harper and Harley. Photo: Lisa Maree Williams.

Sara Donaldson from Harper and Harley. Photo: Lisa Maree Williams. Source: Getty Images

HARPER and Harley is one of the biggest fashion sites in the country.

Creator Sara Donaldson has made a career out of blogging about “the basics of black, white and grey”, quitting her job earlier this year to devote all her time to style.

“I started Harper and Harley six years ago, when I was 19 and at uni studying marketing,” Ms Donaldson tells

“My blog was like my own little puzzle piece, it helped me to work out my style. Three years into my blogging career the industry took off. I was in the right place at the right time.

Syd Con. Social from Camilla and Marc Paddington store launch

Sara Donaldson at the Camilla and Marc Paddington store launch. Source: Supplied

“I made the decision to leave my job in April this year, after juggling blogging and working full time. I wasn’t too sure if I wanted to be classed as a full-time blogger, I’d worked so hard on a career. But it’s such an amazing time for us, and it’s my own business. I want to give it 100 per cent while I can, and give it all my time and effort.”

So what does the wardrobe of a person who has carved a career out of fashion look like?

“I have my wardrobe spread out over three rooms,” Ms Donaldson explains.

One of Sara Donaldson’s clothing racks.

One of Sara Donaldson’s clothing racks. Source: Supplied

“The rack you can see in the picture is in the spare room of our house, and it has the pieces I use every day so they’re easy to find. It’s all about black white and grey for me. That morning ritual of having to find something to wear can really get a girl down so reducing my wardrobe has made it so much easier, and much less complicated.”

As for a favourite item, Ms Donaldson can’t go past her black Givenchy bag.

“I bought this Givenchy bag about a year ago. I use it every single day. I got it online — I always do my shopping online. It’s so much easier, I just hate that feeling of not being able to find something when you go in store.”

Sara’s favourite item.

Sara’s favourite item. Source: Supplied

Ms Donaldson is about to join the likes of Amanda Shadforth, Kate Waterhouse, Margaret Zhang and Zanita Whittington in new show Fashion Bloggers, which debuts on Wednesday 15 at 8.30pm on Foxtel’s Style channel.

“It was a pinch me moment, being asked to go on the show,” Ms Donaldson says.

“Then again I feel like I have moments like that every day! Being flown different places, going to fashion weeks, working with friends, this TV show … I have the most exciting, fast paced job ever.”


Margaret Zhang interview with Kate Waterhouse

Margaret Zhang Australian Fashion based blogger

Margaret Zhang Australian Fashion based blogger

Tell me a day in the life of you. I start early, go for a run, do some yoga and then it’s pretty much my uni schedule. And then, if I have breaks, then I just fit in my fashion stuff in between that.

Through your blog you get to travel the world and collaborate with huge brands, including Lexus. When you were younger, did you envisage your life to be the way it is today? Not at all. When I was little, I really wanted to be a ballet dancer. I trained to be a ballet dancer and was set to go down that path and then realised at 16 that it wasn’t as viable a career path – it’s 24/7. You really have to live and breathe it. You really have to sacrifice everything for it and the Australian industry for ballet is quite small as well. So I felt like there was more opportunity for me elsewhere … Through ballet I got into costume design and I got into photography during ballet as well, so that was my segue.

How did you get into blogging? I just started a blog because I was bored during my HSC years… I was doing music, but that wasn’t as creative as I wanted it to be. So I started a website with all these images. It was like a mood board at the beginning. 

Every second person seems to be a blogger these days. What do you think is the secret to your success? I think the secret is not to see it as success and to always want to improve. I think it’s important to have genuine, authentic, original content that nobody else has, not to emulate anybody else’s style and not to look around too much for inspiration from the same field. When I’m styling, creative directing and shooting, I look at things like architecture, times in history, ethnic groups around the world, different cultures and different landscapes, rather than looking to another stylist’s work. Because I think that gives you the freshest result: if you’re drawing from things that people wouldn’t expect you to, and I think also to have that engagement level.

Being a successful blogger, what opportunities has it opened up for you? It’s allowed me to meet a lot of amazing people; it’s allowed me to travel a lot; but it’s also allowed me to grow in all my skills, and I think to prove yourself that you can still be good at a lot of things rather than specialising in one thing, which is what the industry is used to.

What are you going to do when you’re finished university? Well, I use my law degree every day without realising, and same with my commerce degree. It’s just a really good way of understanding business and understanding what deals you’re doing and understanding how different organisations work, I think. As soon as I graduate I’d love to move overseas and work solidly in editorial or creative direction for a while. But eventually I’d love to work in media law or IP [intellectual property] law or copyright law.

But will you always continue your blog? Yes, I always have my website because my readers are really interested in my journey rather than me as a person … I feel like I’ve made a lifelong commitment now. I feel like some people would be very upset if I stopped [laughs].

What advice do you give aspiring young bloggers? I say, “Not to want to be a blogger.” Because you can want to have a blog, but your blog doesn’t mean anything unless it’s a vehicle for something else. So your blog needs to be a showcase of – if you wanted to be a designer one-day, it can showcase your personal style but also throw in your insight on other designers. That’s what people are looking for. They want your insight on something. So it should never be a face-value thing. There should always be something more and that way it forces you to always want to improve. People say to me, “Oh Margaret, how do I become a famous blogger?” I’m like, “No, that shouldn’t be your goal. You should want to be a journalist or a photographer; one overriding skill, and your blog is a vehicle for that.” I think a lot of people see this glamorous world on Instagram and don’t understand that it’s part of a larger business.

Did you ever think when starting your blog that you would be a star in a TV show? No, I never thought I would do a TV show. I’m not one of those people who wants to be famous. Not to say that I’m famous now, but I’ve never wanted to be the face of things. I don’t think that facial recognition is something that I ever strived for. I feel like I want more accountability in my actual work, more than anything. So no, TV was definitely not on the cards. But it’s interesting because my parents have never fully understood what it is that I do and I think the show has been really good for them; in fact, educating them in what exactly it is that I do. I think that was the main appeal for me with the show, because it educates people.

You have over 287,000 followers on Instagram. You must get recognised around the world. What is that like? It’s actually really nice because sometimes I feel like I’m writing to myself online. It’s really hard to have that conversational tone, that colloquial tone with people when you don’t know who’s reading. And so it’s nice for readers to come up and be like, “Oh I liked this. I’ve been reading for years.” I like that personal feedback.

Where’s the weirdest place you’ve been recognised? I think places like really obscure, like a hole-in-the-wall in Brooklyn, or a tiny hotel in Bangkok eating breakfast. They always find me when I’m eating. Because I’m stationary and so they feel like they can come up to me, rather than when I’m walking somewhere and they don’t want to interrupt. So I always have my mouth full of food and they’re like, “Hi.”

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Aussie Fashion Bloggers create TV show together airing tonight!

the style network fashion bloggers reality tv show october 15

the style network fashion bloggers reality tv show october 15

The Style Network in Australia has created an 8 part reality TV show documenting five Aussie fashion bloggers as they join forces to amass 1.5 million social media followers!

The show will air on Wednesday October 15th to reveal the secret lives and style of a fashion blogger, traveling with the bloggers as they jet-set around the world from Paris Fashion Week to attending fashion shoots for some of the world’s biggest fashion brands such as DVF.

1) Amanda Shadforth, who writes Oracle Fox

2) Kate Waterhouse from

3) Margaret Zhang from Shine by Three

4) Sara Donaldson from Harper and Harley

5) Zanita Whittington from Zanita

Chris Taylor, VP of NBCUniversal International Television Australia NZ said “This is a first for NBCUniversal Australia and is a great example of the continued evolution of our networks business in the region. Fashion Bloggers is a fantastic opportunity to showcase these talented young women to Australian audiences and to flag our commitment to local content.”

Co-Executive Producer Philippa Whitfield Pomeranz said: “This series shows exactly why Fashion Bloggers are the new tastemakers of fashion and lifestyle. They don’t just report on the trends, they help shape them.”

Blogging is a relentless task….95% of blogs get abandoned after the first month!

hanelli fashion blogger

hanelli fashion blogger

Blogging is a relentless, endless task. In 2009 a New York Times article reported that 95% of blogs were abandoned after the first month. Power bloggers have overcome significant odds to build substantial brands, identities and media businesses. They have crafted imaginative rhetoric techniques to capture, build and grow their online audiences to hundreds of thousands of viewers.

Some power bloggers have accumulated more than two million followers, for example The Blonde Salad. Whilst blogs can easily be defined as a type of media, a channel or system of communication, information, or entertainment’ (Macnamara, 2011, p.1). A power blogger is not like a journalist. They have become much more. For the purposes of blog post, a power blogger can be defined as an online influencer who has become an online expert within a particular field or interest and created a large online audience often exceeding their journalistic counterparts.

The rise of the power blogger has become a significant public communication problem today as online audiences grapple to determine a power blogger’s authenticity. Genuine confusion arises as audiences try to navigate within a prefabricated realm of self constructed social reality. What is truth? What is real? What is pre-determined? It is challenging to understand how power is manifested by the power blogger and then to consider what drives a power blogger to blog? What reward awaits them? What motivates them to blog continuously? Have audiences potentially been mislead, misguided to believe a reality presented by a power blogger that potentially is a falsehood?

Questions must be asked to investigate the true intentions that compels a power blogger to produce their blog continually, day to day, month to month with what appears to be little recognition of their efforts and reward. It is widely acknowledge in communications theory within the past century that the mass media play a significant role in shaping society and cultural ideologies predominantly through journalism and PR.

Public Relations practitioners have become savvy in understanding the value power bloggers have. They have started to create relationships with power bloggers and interact with power bloggers for the purposes of achieving their client’s communications goals and gaining online influence for the brands they represent.

Companies such as Fohr Card and Cooperatize were established to bridge the gap financially between bloggers and brands, and monetize this gap for the benefit of the blogger.

Power bloggers unlike journalists are not bound by employment contracts, a code of ethics, or a moral code of conduct. Neither are power bloggers similar to journalists who are driven towards truth seeking tendencies as a form of expressing and maintaining true democracy. Power bloggers are not bound to laws which regulate the content they create like journalists are today under neoliberalism influences.

Power bloggers define their own terms, individually, differing from blog to blog. Power bloggers are free to publish anything they wish, accept financial compensation without having to declare it, request gifts and free vacations, all driven by their pursuit to capture more and more audiences and garner more and more attention on their blog topic. The larger their audience, the more valuable this audience could become to a brand or company wishing to receive the privilege to connect with such an influencer base.

Power bloggers have become online authority figures in their own right. They have successfully built their own publishing companies to support the millions upon millions of online audiences they have amassed on particular topics including: street fashion, cooking, traveling, beauty advice, financial planning, healthy eating, wellbeing, sport, shopping. Power bloggers have become more powerful in terms of the size of their online audience followings than journalists in the same field.

Once the average blogger was considered to be a regular citizen journalist, a hobbyist who enjoyed the creative freedoms that blogging technologies (Instagram, Twitter, Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr) bestowed. Free to publish content to their blog simply as a form of sharing with the world their personal expressions. Sharing their personal thoughts, capturing trending ideas, cooking inspirations, social events, political views, incidents, natural disasters, daily news, scientific breakthroughs, and much more. Today successful bloggers have been transformed into paracelebrities as Daniel Boorstin’s once said “are well known for being well known by people who are well-known for their well-known-ness.” (Monaco, 1978, p.4).

So then are online audiences engaging in resistance techniques as discussed by critical theorists? Or are online audiences shifting in new ways swayed by power bloggers that as yet have gone unidentified?

man repeller leandra medine

man repeller leandra medine

20 most influential fashion bloggers ever by Instagram followers

1) The Blonde Salad – Winner – the worlds most popular fashion blogger!

  • Instagram followers: 2.84 million
  • Facebook: 861k
  • Twitter: 211k
the blonde salad blogger chiara ferragni

the blonde salad blogger chiara ferragni

2) Song of Style 

  • Instagram followers: 1,761,000
  • Facebook: 303,000k
  • Twitter: 47,000
Aimee Song power fashion blogger song of style

Aimee Song power fashion blogger song of style

3) Sincerely Jules

  • Instagram followers: 1.6 million 
  • Twitter: 40k
sincerely jules at cochella fashion blogger

sincerely jules at cochella

4) TuulaVintage

  • Instagram followers: 1.3 million
  • Facebook: 584k 
  • Twitter: 29k
tuula vintage fashion australian blogger

tuula vintage by jessica stein fashion australian blogger

5) Le-Happy 

  • Instagram followers: 1 million
  • Facebook: 323k
  • Twitter: 10.3k
le-happy fashion blogger nyc Luanna Perez-Garreaud

le-happy fashion blogger nyc a.k.a Luanna Perez-Garreaud

6) Gary Pepper Girl

  • Instagram followers: 966k
  • Facebook: 200k
  • Twitter: 25k
gary pepper girl nicole warne fashion blogger

gary pepper girl nicole warne fashion blogger

7) Who What Wear

  • Instagram followers: 757k
  • Facebook: 448k
  • Twitter: 1.41 million
whowhatwear fashion blog

whowhatwear fashion blog

8) Man Repeller

  • Instagram followers: 716k
  • Facebook: 171k
  • Twitter: 203k
man repeller leandra medine

man repeller leandra medine

9) We Wore What

  • Instagram followers: 647k
  • Facebook: 42k
  • Twitter: 34k
whoworewhat fashion blogger nyc

who wore what fashion blogger nyc

10) Peace Loves Shea

  • Instagram followers: 618k
  • Facebook: 76k
  • Twitter: 22k
peacelovesshea by shea marie

peacelovesshea by shea marie

 11) Fashion Toast

  • Instagram followers: 598k
  • Facebook: 403k
  • Twitter: 115k
fashion toast rumi neely la based fashion blogger

fashion toast rumi neely la based fashion blogger

12) Byranboycom 

  • Instagram followers: 546k
  • Facebook: 67k
bryanboy fashion blogger

bryanboy fashion blogger

 13) A Bikini A Day

  • Instagram followers: 410k
  • Facebook: 18k
  • Twitter: 11k
Natasha Oakley A Bikini A Day

Natasha Oakley A Bikini A Day

14) Oracle Fox 

  • Instagram followers: 405k
  • Facebook: 140k
  • Twitter: 6.8k
Oracle Fox amanda shadforth

Oracle Fox amanda shadforth

15) Helena Bordon 

  • Instagram: 388k
  • Facebook: 56k
  • Twitter: 73k
Helena Bordon fashion blogger from brazil

Helena Bordon fashion blogger from brazil

16) Shine by Three 

  • Instagram followers: 258k
  • Facebook: 20k
  • Twitter: 15k
shine by three margaret zhang

shine by three margaret zhang

17) camtyox

  • Instagram: 252k
  • Facebook: 24k
  • Twitter: 20k
camille over the rainbow fashion blogger based in London

camille over the rainbow fashion blogger based in London


18) Garance Dore

  • Instagram followers: 246k
  • Facebook: 166k
  • Twitter: 5k
Garance Dore NYC based fashion blogger

Garance Dore NYC based fashion blogger


19) Pink Peonies

  • Instagram followers: 243k
  • Facebook: 49k
  • Twitter: 10k
rachparcell pretty peonies fashion blogger

rachparcell pretty peonies fashion blogger


20) The Fashion Fruit

  • Instagram followers: 186k
  • Facebook: 1,365,000
  • Twitter: 125k
veronica ferraro fashion fruit italy fashion blogger

veronica ferraro fashion fruit italy fashion blogger


Watch list . . . 

Into The Gloss

  • Instagram followers: 184k
  • Facebook: 52k
  • Twitter: 2k
emily weiss into the gloss

emily weiss into the gloss


Harper and Harley  

  • Instagram: 174k
  • Facebook: 88k
  • Twitter: 9k
harper and harley fashion blogger sydney

harper and harley fashion blogger Sydney



  • Instagram followers: 170k
  • Twitter: 58k
hanelli fashion blogger

hanelli fashion blogger


We The People Style

  • Instagram followers: 91k
  • Facebook: 8k
  • Twitter: 4k
Jessie Bush We Style The People Fashion Blogger

Jessie Bush We Style The People



  • Instagram followers: 132k
  • Facebook: 5k
lookdepernille fashion blogger

lookdepernille fashion blogger


The Glamouri

  • Instagram followers: 106k
  • Facebook: 51k
  • Twitter: 11k
the glamourai kelly framel nyc fashion blogger

the glamourai kelly framel nyc fashion blogger


Tales of Endearment

  • Instagram followers: 75k
  • Facebook: 6k
  • Twitter: 13k
Natalie Joos jxxsy fashion blogger

Natalie Joos jxxsy fashion blogger


They all hate us

  • Instagram followers: 129k
  • Facebook: 60k
  • Twitter: 4k
they all hate us tash and elle fashion bloggers sydney

they all hate us tash and elle fashion bloggers sydney


A pair and a spare

  • Instagram followers: 90k
  • Facebook: 154k
  • Twitter: 9k
a pair for a spare fashion blogger hong kong

a pair for a spare fashion blogger hong kong